Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fillin' holes and makin' niceness...

This little concrete slab (see below for some before shots) was a hot mess before...with a gaping hole under it and all kinds of crap that someone thought would be a good idea to stick in the multiple ceramic plates and odd chunks of random things...And not to mention the fact that it looked like a drunken monkey did the "repair" work on the slab years and years ago. (See that crazy slant in the picture below? So bad...) So I used a rotary hammer to get rid of most of the wonky edge (Thanks to Gus for finishing it up last weekend!) and then Justin built a form around the slab and filled it in with new concrete, which is how we ended up with the beautiful specimen you see in the above photo.

Here I am using a rotary hammer on that crazy edge...

And here you can kind of see the craziness that was the front of the slab...sheesh.

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