Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art in Our House: Bedroom

We're artists, so we like art (shocking, I know). We've got quite a bit of it around the house that has been gathered over the years. Everything here is from people we know and love. These pieces are all in our bedroom...and if I get around to it, I'll do the rest of the house at some point. (Forgive the photos...they don't do the art justice...I've included links to the artists websites for better photos of the pieces when possible.)

This piece was one I fell in love with during a show Aubrie and I had together. I was over the moon when we got it as a wedding present!

 Margaux and I have a tally going for trading art back and forth (yes, its true). I am currently in the negative and need to get her some new art before she sends someone to come break my legs ;) I love her Iceland series and am happy to look at this piece every day when I wake up.

So this photo does this piece not a bit of good, other than to show that when people walk by it they don't immediately notice that there is anything on the paper at all. The photo below shows a bit more of whats going on here...the word 'hypothermia' is painted (in gouache I believe?) in a beautiful script and then mirrored and painted again, so the words are hard to read, but come off as more decorative. (His thoughts were about the romanticized writings of arctic explorers and all the horrible things they were going through on their journeys.) It was a piece from Matt's show at the University City Arts League, Lost in Clouds, and the whole show was amazing. I believe it was the first time I was actually obsessed with getting a piece of art. Matt and I traded for this piece and I love it so.


I traded Danielle a Julian French easel for this piece while still at Moore and have not regretted that trade a bit.

Michael McGraw
Mike tracks mating patterns and habitats of wildlife and his beautiful photos are a happy by-product of the job. I remember the first time I saw them, I was blown away by how amazing they were.

These are actually silver hair pins that I put in this glass vase and have kept them on display ever since (except when they are being worn!)

Laura and I also have a long standing trade thing going...She is the first person I had ever traded art with, and I hope we keep going until we are old and gray. This is a print from a show that she and I were in together at Moore College and I've just always loved it. I also had the pleasure of meeting the ladies in the photo (the one with the belly and the one in the belly) and they are both fabulous!

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