Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taxidermy in Sculpture

 Image found on Pinterest 
Update: The artists name is Pim Palsgraaf!

I have a strange love of taxidermy used in sculpture...I've always felt drawn to it for some reason (though I should say that I am NOT ok with killing animals to make art...many taxidermists now use animals that died of natural causes..."Sustainable taxidermy", if you will...) If you have any interest in the process or the history of taxidermy at all, I suggest you check out:

I went to a talk in Brooklyn about the book when it first came out and Emily Mayer, sculptor and taxidermist for Damian Hirst, was there. She had alot of amazing things to say about process, her own work and working for Hirst. There's a good bit about her in the book, as well as the family of taxidermists who worked on the pieces for the American Museum of Natural History, and various others, like Carl Akeley and Walter Potter (neither of which should be left out of a book on taxidermy...)

And of course, Walter Potter...


  1. Oh wow wow WOW I love these. Especially the Pim Palsgraaf one. I have that book prominently on my bookshelf because I like the cover but I haven't read it yet. Now I reeeaaally want to.

    1. The book is sooooooo good! Let me kbow how you like it!