Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sculptural Jewlery

 Brooch by Julia Harrison

I am not a typical girly girl (says the girl who is starting a shop space...big surprise there, I'm sure) and don't swoon over jewelry very often. I am more likely to appreciate a well made piece, then be on my way. But there are some pieces that stop me for a bit longer and make me want them...and usually these pieces are very sculptural...For example, Jess of BloodMilk (below) makes beautiful pieces that I love and wear almost daily (I have on 'the one you feed' right now).


 Julia Harrison (top image) who I found on Pinterest via Jess, makes these amazing carved brooches, like the one above, that while I may not wear it, I'd be happy to display it in my house as a piece of art. I also saw the image below on her blog and while it's more about productivity (she'll eventually cut them apart, it was just faster to carve them this way) I loved seeing the process shot.

Anyone out there have any other favorites? Or make jewelry that is sculptural or sculpture that is also jewelry?

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