Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miniatures and more at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Oh, hey! That's a nice little studio...great view, wood floors...

...nice sink setup...wonder what the rent is like on a space like this?

Oh, probably not much because the whole thing is about 15" or so tall!! Justin's mom has been taking us to the Philadelphia Flower show for a few years now and every year Justin and I talk about doing a miniature for their competition. The one above was my favorite this was so good. There were also some amazing displays...and some amazing plants as well! If you get a chance to go, my favorites we definitely the miniatures, the orchids, and the bonsai. The 40 foot long wall of lettuce was pretty amazing too!


  1. have you 2 made it out to Longwood Gardens ?? the bonsai room is tremendous. I especially love how they're tagged with the family's name & year they were started. really puts them in perspective. ssoooo are ya gonna create a mini display for next years show - or what ?? I think a mini studio ( like perhaps... a Philly Sculpture Gym ) could be stellar promotion-ally (word ??). I'd love to hit Longwood with ya'll. love ya say "hey" to Barb

    1. Sal, I haven't been to Longwood Gardens since I was young, so yes, I'll definitely go to check out the bonsai room!!
      And maaaayyyybbbeeee next year we can make a tiny Philly Sculpture Gym! (That would be amazing!) Give a holler if you are ever free for Longwood! xo

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    1. It was pretty amazing this year!