Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jed Morfit: Demold Video

Sometimes there are sculpture emergencies and you realize you need more mold release/plaster/clay/rubber/etc asap and the store you normally get it from is closed/doesn't have any/is back ordered 2 weeks/etc. This is when you turn to your sculptor friends and hope to heck they have some. Last weekend (or the weekend before last?) I got a text from Jed Morfit, looking for some FGR 95. We don't use the stuff often so I wasn't sure that we had any but a dig around the studio turned up about 1/3 of a 50lb. bag. Success! I was happy to help because I've had those moments too (always with mold release for some reason?) and know exactly how it feels! Anyway, check out this quick demold video Jed made!

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