Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Calls for Artists!

You may notice a new little tab just above that says 'Calls for Artists'. This is (for now) where we'll list any calls for artists that we have...and right now we have 3!

Sculpture Derby Show: Last year our first event was at the Trenton Avenue Arts Fest during the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. This year we are one of the sponsors of the Sculpture Derby (yay!)...so we figured who better to showcase than the local artists who make these amazing creations! Now, before you get too excited about seeing the Kenzinger truck derby sculpture in there, the really big pieces won't fit in our gallery space. So while there is no size limit on what you can submit, we are primarily looking for some of the mid to smaller sized vehicles and/or interesting parts of the larger vehicles. Feel free to stop by and see the space and talk to us to get a better idea of what will and won't work. Sketches, models and photos are also being accepted. See the Call for Artists sheet for dates and more info!

Process Show: Casting: Justin and I are both moldmakers. We sculpt in clay, make molds and cast things in a variety of materials. This process is one of the core focuses of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, so we wanted to highlight it. Anything that was cast using any kind of mold is eligible. Again no size limit, but if you aren't sure if your piece is too big, shoot us an email or stop by to check the space out. See the Call for Artists sheet for dates and more info!

Solo Show with Residency: We wanted to give everyone a shot at a solo show with some time to make some new work in the space. So whoever is chosen for this show will get one month free at the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, during either July or August, to make their work. The work doesn't all have to be made during the residency, but it would be nice to see a piece or two that was made at PSG. Current members can also apply, and if awarded you just won't be charged for that month. (And by residency we mean using the shops during the hours that we're open. You can't live there...sorry!) Once again no size limit, but if your work is huge, stop by to check the space out first. See the Call for Artists sheet for dates and more info!

Good luck guys!!!

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