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Ignite Philly - February 16th at Johnny Brenda's

Guess who's gonna be speaking at Ignite Philly 9 this Thursday? Justin and I! A big thanks to Kara LaFleur, who recommended us! (Sidebar, Kara was the one who told me to apply for the Knight Arts Challenge Grant...and has been an amazing Philadelphia Sculpture Gym supporter ever since...and has explained, and re-explained Twitter to me...and told me to check out/apply for/etc countless other things that always seem to turn out well. Thanks Kara!)

Here's the list of speakers for Ignite Philly 9 (from ignitephilly.com)!
    • tim
Tim Bennett is the owner of Bennett Compost.  Founded in 2009, Bennett Compost is a Philly company that aims to make composting simple for both urban residents and businesses.  In 2011, Bennett Compost helped Philadelphians compost over 1 Million pounds of food waste.  Tim is a native of Rochester, NY and a graduate of Temple University.  He lives in South Philly with his wife Katie.
    • aj beyer300xthumb
AJ Beyer A Drexel Alumni with a degree in Computer Science, AJ has always looked at driving as a curious type of personal interaction.  Having had commutes all across the greater Philadelphia area, and driving home to Florida on a quarterly basis, has provided him with plenty of time behind the wheel to think about how people express themselves through their driving.  These experiences combined with independent research have given him a well rounded understanding of the mentalities behind everyday driving.  He is always eager to share his understanding and open to discussion on the topic
    • sarah clarke
Sarah Clark Stuart, Campaign Director, has been associated with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia since 2006 as a board member, consultant, and most recently as a full time employee.  Sarah's career as an environmental advocate started out in the field of ocean conservation, but was diverted into trail and bicycle advocacy in 2004 when she became involved in the Free Schuylkill River Park campaign to preserve street level access over an active CSX freight line, successfully brought to conclusion in 2007. This campaign led her to help form the non-profit Schuylkill River Park Alliance.  During her time with the Bicycle Coalition, Sarah's accomplishments include running the Complete the Schuylkill River Trail Campaign, helping to write the 2009 proposal that won the City of Philadelphia and City of Camden a $23 Million federal TIGER grant to build 10 trail segments along the Schuylkill River Trail and Delaware Riverfront, lobbing successfully for a 2009 zoning amendment to require new construction projects to include bike parking facilities, raising funds to purchase and install Philadelphia's first in-street bike corral, and coordinating the 2011 release of Mode Shift, an in depth analysis of Philadelphia's bicycle commuting rates.
    • keya
Keya Dannenbaum has obstinately let love lead the way in life, and work. She has studied and worked in politics as an undergraduate at Stanford and a Ph.D. candidate at Princeton; internationally in Bogota, Colombia as a Fulbright Scholar and in Mumbai, India; nationally for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and locally for several municipal candidates in New Haven, CT. She is on leave from a Wharton MBA to found ElectNext.com, a political matching website that works like "eHarmony" for elections -  it connects you to your candidates based on what you believe, so you can vote your values all the way down your ballot.  She loves: democracy, Philadelphia, and Tom.
Contact: @keyajay
    • aine
Ainé Doley is an experiential and event marketer that travels the country bringing big brands to life at festivals, colleges and events like the Super Bowl. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ainé has lived on W Rockland Street in Germantown since she was 5 years old. As a block captain alongside her sister Emaleigh, she spearheaded last year’s greening experiment, Grow This Block! From this project a block blossomed, vacant houses were torn down and a fledgling community sprung to the surface. She believes that through small successes and daily affirmation, you can instill a belief that change is possible. Ainé can drive big trucks, grow almost anything, loves to skate around Kelly Drive and wants to spay and neuter your cats!
    • emaleigh
Emaleigh Doley By day, Emaleigh Doley works in the creative communications and public relations field, working with nonprofits, businesses, cultural and educational organizations and more. At night, she plots new ways to build stronger, more vibrant communities, focusing on small urban interventions and creative projects with big impact in Northwest Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood, alongside her sister. Emaleigh believes strongly in active citizenship and do-it-yourself culture and has a passionate interest in projects that engage the public in new ways, work to build community and enhance city life. She loves public art, matcha lattes, fountains and hanging out in cities all over like a local. 
Contact: website: www.emaleighsays.com  community: www.rocklandstreet.com  twitter: www.twitter.com/emaleigh
    • doogie horner
Doogie Horner was a semi-finalist on America's Got Talent and won the Philadelphia’s Funniest contest in 2010. He is the producer of the Ministry of Secret Jokes, which won a Best of Philly award for best comedy show in 2011. He is the author of Everything Explained Through Flowcharts, and his humor writing has appeared in McSweeney’s, Wired, Fast Company, Boing Boing, and other publications.
    • darla justin
Darla Jackson and Justin Grant are both sculptors living and working in Philadelphia and are the husband and wife team responsible for creating the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, a membership based workshop space for artists. Darla Jackson is known for her animal sculpture and installations that have been seen infiltrating spaces throughout Philadelphia. Jackson graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from Moore College of Art in 2003 and currently teaches sculpture classes at the Fleisher Art Memorial. Justin Grant is known for his figurative and relief sculptures, where he combines human forms with mechanical and architectural elements. Grant graduated with a Certificate in sculpture from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2001 and currently is a manager for the Philadelphia branch of Crozier Fine Arts; one of the oldest and best known art shipping and handling companies in the country. 
    • simon kim
Simon Kim is a designer, architect, and educator. He holds the position of Assistant Professor at PennDesign, and principal at Ibañez Kim Studio. At PennDesign he is Director of the Immersive Kinematics Research Group, and is currently visiting faculty at Harvard University where he continues his research into new media and new technologies in architectural design. Simon has recently collaborated with local theater company Pig Iron, and the Dufala Brothers and will present cross-disciplinary traditions.
    • diana
Diana Lind is executive director and editor in chief of Next American City, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit media organization dedicated to connecting cities and informing the people who are working to improve them. After nine years of publishing a quarterly magazine about transportation, education, the economy, arts, culture and other aspects of urban policy, Next American City will begin publishing an online weekly magazine this spring. Next American City hosts events and conferences to network the next generation of urban leaders, and has just launched The Storefront for Urban Innovation in Brewerytown to bring exciting ideas for cities and international experts to Philadelphia. In addition to directing Next American City, Diana was a 2011 Van Alen Institute Fellow where she curated the Life at the Speed of Rail competition and the author ofBrooklyn Modern: Architecture, Interiors & Design.
    • dave
Dave Martorana Being an arm-chair physicist, economist, biologist, anthropologist, and everything else he isn't really, makes Dave uniquely qualified to talk about anything, which is what he did at Ignite 2 and is doing at Ignite 9. While actually learned on the finer points of software development, it has so very little to do with what he likes to shoot his mouth off about. He can be found at IndyHall, or one floor above IndyHall, or 5 floors above IndyHall, except any time that he's not. He likes French Bulldogs.
    • varissa
Varissa McMickens is the Director of ArtsRising, a collaborative initiative between the Philadelphia Education Fund, Fleisher Art Memorial, and Public Citizens for Children and Youth. Ms. McMickens has led ArtsRising since its launch in 2009 and has helped the initiative begin to achieve its mission to improve and expand access to arts education for children and youth across Philadelphia. 
    • jessica
Jessica Moore, a resident of West Philadelphia, wife, and mama of 3 young kids and 1 old dog, is re-energizing an old fashioned way of buying meat, by the animal and directly off the farm.  Her business, Philadelphia CowShare, sells healthy meat from healthy farms and delivers it to your door. In the process of running this business, she has learned a lot about raising cows and selling meat.  She's learned even more about the true cost of meat which she'll be sharing with folks at Ignite Philly. 
    • yasmine headshot
Yasmine Mustafa Until recently, I was the Founder & CEO of 123LinkIt, a blog advertising company in Philadelphia that was acquired by NetLine in November 2011. My biggest challenge was running a tech company as a business/marketing person without a development background. As a result, I embarked on a mission to learn how to code which led me to get involved with TechGirlz and GirlDevelopIt Philly. My talk will focus on that journey as well as why it's important we attract more women to technology. You can find me at myasmine.comLinkedIn or Twitter
    • pam
Pam Selle is a developer and all-around nerd who's passionate about doing awesome things and doing them well. You can find her online at thewebivore.com, queenofthevillage.com, and @pamasaur.
    • andrew
Andrew Simonet is a choreographer and co-director of Philadelphia's Headlong Dance Theater, along with his collaborators Amy Smith and David Brick. Since 1993, Headlong has created collaborative dance theater in Philadelphia, and toured nationally. Recent projects include CELL, a performance journey for one audience member at a time guided by you cell phone, and Hotel Pool, a dance theater piece performed in and around a hotel swimming pool. Headlong's work in the Philadelphia arts community includes hosting Dance Theater Camp, a month of workshops and collaboration for professional artists that is entirely artist-run and free for all participants. In 2005, Andrew founded Artists U, a professional development and planning program for individual artists in Philadelphia.  Artists U is currently starting up in Baltimore and South Carolina.  Andrew lives in West Philly with his wife Elizabeth and their sons Jesse Tiger and Nico Wolf.
In their current project, This Town Is a Mystery, Headlong will create dances on four Philadelphia households, using the homes as the setting and residents as the performers.

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