Friday, February 10, 2012

Elizabeth Hamilton

We live in Kensington and theres always something shady going on..crackheads zombie-walking down the street, people telling you outlandish stories just to get some change, and strange things showing up from who knows where...So I was pleasantly surprised when I got home one day and saw this sculpture being set up across the street:

It was a piece I recognized from the Annual Student Exhibition at PAFA but wasn't sure who the artist was. I put the top photo on my Facebook page and sure enough someone knew who the artist was and sent me a link to her website. I contacted Elizabeth to see if I could put a photo of her piece on the blog and asked if she lived in the area. She said she has a studio around the corner and that she'd wanted to set the piece up in that spot for a while and was surprised at how quickly it was gone. Someone must have taken the whole thing right after she left, because when I saw it they were almost finished setting it up and when I looked again after Olivia woke up from a nap, it was gone! Art loving hooligans must have snatched it up!

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