Thursday, February 9, 2012

Before and Before Before...

 For anyone who is coming out to Coldhearted on Saturday, you should know that the space is still VERY raw. We've done no work on it yet, other than cleaning the front gallery space. The landlord needs to build a dividing wall between our space and the tire place next door. There are cars and piles of rubble in the back of the space. And more...but even from the first moment I saw it, I knew this would be an amazing space for the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym.
You may wonder why I thought it was a good idea to have Coldhearted in the space, since its not finished...or even started... ...  ... I think its because I wanted everyone to see the 'Before'. I want everyone to get excited about everything that the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym will be. I want all of you to be here with us from the very beginning, so that later on, you will know just how far we've come. We're really looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! Hope you can join us!

Here's the before:


 And here's the before before:


  1. i was wondering about the garage divider...make sure there's no venting from the garage into the gym! We had that problem at BYO's first space, we were all getting asphyxiated on the exhaust fumes from the cycle shop downstairs!

    See you Saturday!

  2. No asphyxiation here! There's tons of ventilation on their side and ours and the wall will be built to keep out the stank. :)