Monday, January 16, 2012

Dance Parties and Drum Teams

O'Rae, Uncle Hibb and I

Olivia and I had an amazing time at the Zoe Strauss dance party on Saturday. It was a great time, with amazing music, wonderful treats (ask Olivia...she had 4 mini cupcakes...), fabulous friends and an incredible exhibition. Congrats to Zoe for everything. All the hard work paid off. It was amazing! And congrats also to Lynn, Ilene, Cosmo, Walker and of course, Savannah. I know you guys are all so proud!

 Drum team at Zoe's opening
And as a side note, I have to just mention how amazing the entire Strauss/Baker/Roberts family is...Ilene (Zoe's mom) arranged for a drum team to come into the museum to kick off the party. It was amazing and gave me total flashbacks to mine and Justin's wedding when Savannah (my best friend and Zoe's sister) arranged for a drum team to come in as her toast. My one dream that I couldn't get together for my wedding was to have a drum team there as a surprise to everyone...and Savannah made it happen, surprising Justin and I.  It was once of the most amazing moments of my life and I still cry when I watch the video (Drum teams are to me as bagpipes are to other people...they make me all weepy and if you saw me all glassy eyed at the PMA the other night, this is why!) Awesomeness totally runs in this family!

Drum team at our wedding

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