Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coldhearted: An art/craft event

Justin doesn't believe in Valentine's day. I was born the day before it, so it's penetrated my life for as long as I can remember...heart shaped cakes, valentines cards as birthday cards, kiss covered boxer shorts as a birthday gift from my grandmother (Still the worst gift that I have ever gotten...not sure what she was thinking besides "Hey! These are on sale!" because I am clearly not a wearer of the boxer shorts, but I digress...), and all kinds of other Valentine's Day related "stuff" made for this one day, and has no real meaning at all after. But regardless of whether you believe in it, don't believe in it but play along, hate it, love it, whatever, its there, an industry making tons of money off your love for someone else. So why should big names have all the fun and make all the dough? That's why we're putting together an art/craft event that will help keep some of that money supporting local artists and craftspeople. Like we've said before, we're all about building a community and to do so we all have to support each other. By buying from local artists, craftspeople and small businesses, you keep the momentum going, keep the money in the community and you keep people making things (yay!). So if you make stuff and want to sell it at Coldhearted, check out the info below.

Interested in selling at Coldhearted?
We're looking for a wide variety of artists, collectives, craftspeople and small businesses that are creating high quality, affordable items, including but certainly not limited to, art of all kinds, handmade goods like bags, jewelry, housewares, etc, food items (we love food), plant items such as terrariums or flower arrangements, fabulously curated vintage selections, clothes, local businesses promoting appropriate services (massages, art classes, facials, etc...) and more. Unconventional is good. We like unconventional.
The event will take place on Saturday, February 11th from 11-5pm.
Deadline for applying is February 1st. Set up will begin at 10am and everything needs to be ready to go by 11am. There is a $25 fee for each space. (Fee is reduced to $15 if you live in 19125...yay for local artists.) Each space is approx 8ft and you need to supply your own table and chairs. Oh, and it will likely be cold (hence the name)...we'll have heaters and provide warm drinks, but layers will be a necessity.
Location TBA. Fishtown is all we can tell you for now ;)

For more information or to participate contact:

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