Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random...Ginger Snaps...

Olivia is the type of kid who sleeps until 10 or 11am and stays up late, which is fine with me because I can get alot done before she gets up. What's hard is keeping her entertained at night, when Justin and I are exhausted. So last night we made cookies 10pm! I needed to try out this Ginger Snap recipe to see if they would work out for the Greensgrow Bazaar this Saturday, so I figured this would be, well...maybe not the BEST time...but a decent enough time to give them a shot. Anyway, they came out great and Justin managed not to eat all of them so there was even some left for me to have this morning (cookies before noon...!) Olivia's thoughts were "Mmmmm...Beautiful! Cute!" to which I fully agreed.

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