Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Lion King on Broadway

So, Olivia is a big Lion King fan and yesterday her and I went to New York with my mom, my cousin and some of my mom's friends to see The Lion King on Broadway...we were only in the city for maybe 7 hours tops, just enough time to eat and see the show, but it was amazing and totally worth it. The sets were amazing, with a really elaborate floor that changed to fit the landscape of each scene. The puppetry was very cool, and with alot of the animals, it was hard to tell where the human even was (when the giraffes first came out they looked like they could have been anamatronic!) I kept asking myself the whole time "how was that built?" or "what is that made of?"...As a sculptor it was great to see (...and as a 2 year old as well....Olivia has not stopped saying "Linon Keeeng!" since we left!) Anyone who is interested in scenic work and/or puppetry, I highly recommend it!

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