Monday, November 28, 2011

Wishlist Winner! And Runner Up! And another shot at it!

The winner of the free one month membership is Josh for his wishlist:
1- physical space for projects
2- anvil
3- metal cutting tools and sheet metal for steampunk stuff
4- work table
6- scoop chisel/gouge
8- foundry for casting bronze
9- unlimited amounts of mahogany wood
10- ceramic cone shaped whetstone.

And since we only received 2 entries, we decided to make Tim the runner up, with a free one week membership for his wishlist:
-Physical space (or just the time and mental fortitude to clear out my garage to make space)
-BernzOmatic Cutting, Welding, and Brazing Torch
-Membership to Next Fab Studio and Philadelphia Sculpture Gym
-Classes in mold making
-Sony HDR-AX2000 Video Camera so I can revive the maker/DIY STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) video podcast my son and I used to do.
-Some big sketchbooks for big ideas
-Shelving to hold more found junk
-Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse Multi Purpose Saw Horse
and of course
-A winning Powerball lottery ticket. 
(Tim, I hear you on that Powerball ticket!!)

Thanks so much for entering guys!

AND because I know a few people said they tried to leave a comment but it never showed up (wtf Blogger? Why you be hatin'...AGAIN!) anyone who tells us the one sculpture/craft/making stuff item they want the most on our Facebook page between now and December 24th will be entered to win a fancy PSG prize package. (Tim and Josh, feel free to enter this one too!)


  1. And I forgot to mention that we used a random number generator to choose the winner.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the runner-up prize. Who says it doesn't pay to come in second! :]