Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random thoughts on music...

This morning I watched a short video of illustrations by Gabriella Barouch and the song from the film Amélie was the background music. This song always makes me all weepy (Yes I understand that this is probably the girliest thing I've said yet on this blog...and I'm ok with that.) I started thinking about it and remembered that so does the theme song from the Lion King...every time I hear it (which is often these days as Olivia is a big fan)... and Pachelbel's Canon in D... and Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones (I blame Children of Men for this). There are also a few songs that no matter how I'm feeling will instantly put a smile on my face, like The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens, 99 Red Balloons by Nena, Just a Friend by Biz Markie, almost anything sung by Mike Ness (Social Distortion) and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynrd.
I'm sure you are wondering what the hell I'm getting at with this (besides embarrassing myself publicly)...bear with me, I have a point.
When I want to get really into working on something, its Eminem, hands down. I'll start with the song Lose Yourself and just go through every album from there. Luckily Justin is a fan too so when in the studio together, making molds, it's sometimes an Eminem album on repeat, for hours.
I mention all this because music affects people differently. You *might* feel the same way I do when hearing some of the music above but almost everyone has their own list and need different music for different moods. The reason I think about this is because I know I need music in the studio when working but when its a space with more than one person, how do you make everyone happy? Music can be very personal and while one person might be inspired by, say, Eminem, another might be annoyed or offended. I know we've got some time before our doors are opening and I'm hitting 'play' but it's something that's been on my mind for a few weeks. My thoughts are to have playlists that cover a wide range of genres, so there's something for everyone and no one wants to tear their ears off. What do you think? Any super strong feelings about it either way? And feel free to share any embarrassing musical facts about yourself!

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