Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mold continued...

So I poured the rubber into my mold yesterday and am eagerly awaiting when I get to open it (seriously, I am the most impatient person EVER...ask Justin.) I wanted to share some process photos in the meantime so here they are!


Here is the finished clay bunny...

And these are the mother mold pieces that go around him. I made sure to Vaseline the heck out of the mold pieces and the board that the sculpture is on, so the rubber won't stick.

The rubber will fill in the spaces between the clay sculpture and the mother mold.

 I clamped the mold together and then clamped it to the board and modeling stand.

I then filled the bottom seam with clay to prevent rubber from leaking out.

 Ready to pour.

I used the clay that I took out of the mold (when demolding the plaster) to determine roughly how much rubber I should mix. I always add some to make up for any space that was between the clay and the sculpture.

New Rubber from Polytek! I'm using the 74-29 for this mold.

And a Silibrush...more later on how the rubber comes off of it...I'm dying to know!

I then got ready to pour my rubber...

Locked and loaded...

So I measured out the rubber, mixed it and poured it. I didn't get photos of all that because I was too busy measuring, mixing and pouring (and I didn't want to get rubber on my new phone...!)

As the rubber level rises in the mold it will eventually start to fill the other vent hole. As the rubber settled the level dropped a little, so I just refilled the holes to the top.


It's always good when you estimate the perfect amount of rubber...
there was just a tiny amount left in the bottom...

Just enough to test out the Silibrush! (Will report back on how it went...)

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