Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Wishlist: What Darla Wants...


Dear Justin,
Hint hint. ;)


1. Magic-Smooth Sculpting Epoxy...I like Magic-Sculpt but have heard Magic-Smooth is better...Anyone have any first hand experience?

2. New Modeling Tools made out of Ebony  to replace my most favorite tool ever that was lost in the studio move...(the little one on the left)

3. Apron/Tool Rolls from Peg and Awl to go with my bag and pouches...!

5. Ron Mueck by Susanna Greeves (Love him...!)

6. Metal tools Justin got me a great kit of 12 stainless steel tools from Dick Blick a few years ago...they were amazing and only $9.99. Since then all my tools have disappeared due to me taking them with me to teach. Now the same kit that Dick Blick sells is of a much lower quality...the edges of the tools are all shitty and I have been searching for a replacement...

7. Crow Skull to add to the collection :)

8. Insulated Coveralls... for working on the Sculpture Gym when its freezing ass cold out.

9. Black water clay  Sexy clay...!

10. Moleskin Planner with lots of room for EVERYTHING I will need to do next year! Eeek!

Don't forget to leave your wishlist of 10 sculpture/craft related items in the comments for a chance to win a free 1 month membership to the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym! We'll announce a winner on Monday, November 28th!

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