Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Studio and sculpting...

I don't think either Justin or I have felt at home at the new studio space yet...which I suppose is ok, because its temporary (Once we open the Sculpture Gym our studio will be there...wherever there is...!) But I am of the mindset that a studio has to feel like home, atleast a bit, with certain creature comforts (I got the creatures I just need the comforts!) This space has hot water, a glorious wonderful fabulous thing, considering that the last studio did not. (Washing out plaster buckets in the winter with freezing cold water really sucks.) We also have a nice courtyard out back, which I love. But getting things settled on the inside has been slow...we've been busy so I get it, but still...I feel like there should be a place for everything and everything in its place by now and I'm starting to get restless. That said, we're working on nice-ing it up for POST so I'm sure I'll feel alot better come next weekend.


All my whining aside, I started sculpting a piece in the studio. A tiny lil' baby rabbit (in a crow mask) but so far he's coming along. I'm doing this piece as my $50 reward sculpture for our Kickstarter page (Justin will be making something as well, giving everyone a choice within their choice...(too many choices? Nah...maybe a little...) So anyone who makes a $50 donation and chooses the sculpture as a reward will get one of these little guys cast in hydrocal. There's a snip on my blog about the idea behind this guy, so if you are interested feel free to have a look.

I'm still trying to decide whether I want his head to hang over the edge, like in the above photo (meaning it would have to be placed or installed hanging over the edge of a shelf, mantel, pedestal, etc, or set on top of something) or if it should just be flat on the board, like below. Any thoughts on this?

I had a second round of sculpting last night in my Sculptural Forms class at Fleisher. My student Nikki brought in her dog Sammy and a group of us sculpted him. Mine is still in progress but so far I'm having fun with it...

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