Thursday, October 13, 2011

Resources: PVLA - Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

If you are an artist in Philadelphia, you are bound to run into some legal issues sooner or later...Maybe you are starting a business (!), maybe you need a contract written up, maybe you had someone hand you a contract that was the scariest sounding thing you ever read in your life (side bar, the first lease Justin ever had originally said he could not have cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, lizards, fish, snails and more in his space ever and that anything he attached to the walls would then become the property of the building...he worked with a lawyer to rewrite it and had a much more normal and much less specific lease in the end), or maybe your sculpture fell over onto someone's toe and they are really mad...whatever the issue may be Philadelphia has an amazing resource available to artists called the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. The are one of the programs under the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia and I highly suggest that anyone in need check them out. There is an application fee but they will waive it for artists in need. I spoke to the attorney that we were assigned to today and she was a huge help. She made a lot of great suggestions, let me know how to move forward with things, and told us we were headed in the right direction, which of course is always nice to hear from a lawyer!

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