Friday, October 7, 2011


The problem with being us is that we can see the potential in totally run down spaces, but I think thats part of the fun for us too. Or atleast we are bound to a life of it... Either way, when I first met Justin, he was busy building out a space in a giant warehouse. The space would be a giant studio with a lofted apartment above. The ceilings were 20 feet high and the space was amazing. There was tons of room for modeling, mold making and casting AND there was a foundry in the was perfect! (Except that it was freezing cold in the winter and he had to run 100 feet of plumbing so we could have a bathroom in our space, among other things of that nature...) Anyway, between the two of us and a Home Depot credit card, we whipped that space into shape and made the cutest little apartment floating above the most amazing studio...we hadn't even quite finished everything yet when we were told our landlord sold the building for 2 million dollars (I can't say I blame him). We were heart broken. All our work was going to be torn down and turned into "townhomes" (I still curse them every time I drive by). So we were forced to find a new space and ended up buying a house that looked fine and just seemed to need cosmetic work (the previous owners had awful awful taste...texture paint everywhere, among (many) other things) Ha ha ha. Turns out the house needed an INSANE amount of work and we are still up to our eyeballs in renovations...and will be for a while (though this is nothing exceptionally new to me...My dad spent my entire life working on our house himself, doing it a little bit at a time, forever. As any homeowner knows when you get "done" you just have to start over again anyway because everything you fixed first is either outdated or needs some love...but I digress.) So it was only natural that we should be looking at places that were in need of some serious love...and we expected that whatever we decided on would need some work, but not sure how much. Now before you get all excited, we have still not decided on a space, but the most recent space we looked at is insanely promising despite the fact that there was dog shit, random vehicles and piles of rubble everywhere...tall ceilings, new roof, cement floor, cool space, convenient location, good light, potential space for a few studios...hmmmmm...we'll keep ya posted...

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