Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So today I became a CEO...or am about to be. So weird! I went into our accountant's office to file the paperwork to make the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym a real live business and came out so insanely excited. Having found our building, met our matching goal for the Knight Arts Challenge Grant, and now filing this is making what started as a 150 word dream turn into a reality. Last night I got to talk for a moment at the Town Hall Meeting for the upcoming Knight Arts Challenge and, despite forgetting most of what I said, I remember saying how this has changed my life...but what I realized at that moment was that I hadn't really thought about how true that statement was because nothing felt real until this week. Now it feels official. Woah...
And let me use this time to say that by all means, anyone and everyone who has an idea that would benefit the arts in Philadelphia, apply to the Knight Arts Challenge! You have until October 31st to submit one or one thousand 150 word ideas. Anyone can apply, as long as the idea is about the arts, takes place in or benefits Philadelphia and you match the amount of money you ask for. You never know what might happen so it is most certainly worth a shot. And if you have any questions or are freaked out about it, check out the Knight Arts website...there's a newsletter to sign up for, they have a Twitter where you can post questions about applying and they will have a web chat coming up as well. They are really supportive and very real people...so as they said at the meeting last night, forget everything you know about grant writing and apply!

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