Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back in the saddle again...

I haven't made a rubber mold since I was pregnant with Olivia, who turns 2 this Sunday. I didn't want to be in contact with chemicals while pregnant or nursing so Justin made all the rubber molds. Since then, I haven't made a new piece that's needed a rubber mold (only waste molds) so the baby bunny in a crow mask is the first thing I'll be making a rubber mold of in a while. This seems so crazy, considering that it felt like I was making molds every month back then. Anyway, I am super excited to get back into it, because I LOVE mold making...I mean, don't get me wrong, it makes me nuts, but I love it. Despite my super excitement, I made sure to do a test of the rubber I have, to make sure its still good, rather than covering the piece in it first. I'll check back in a bit to see if it set up and if so I am good to go. Process photos to come.

Here are Parts A and B before mixing. (I'm using Polytek 74-29)

I got to bust out the bucket dumpers Justin made (Anyone who uses 5 gallon buckets of mold rubber will know what a pain in the ass they are to pour...this makes it sooooo much easier!)

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