Friday, September 30, 2011

Peg and Awl: Waxed Canvas Totes and Pouches


It is rare that a bag of any sort can stand up to all the shit I put it, sculpture, Olivia (She put a pound of rocks in my bag the other day and I didn't notice until I was already out of the house...awesome.) So when I heard that Peg and Awl was coming out with a waxed canvas tote made from antique military leather, I was so excited. Not only would it be able to hold all my day to day shit, but it would be able to stand up to the random tools I need to throw in my bag (I have been known to pull needle nose pliers or screw drivers out of my bag on occasion...and once a whole handful of cut nails.) So yesterday was the day! They have it in both spice and coal and the bags are beautiful. They also have pouches that I am thinking of using to store my modeling tools. Both bags are made from antique and reclaimed materials AND made locally. Check out their Etsy shop for more info...!


And we gave them a human skull a few weeks ago (long story) and he's already made it into some photos!

Images from here

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