Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More locations...

We've checked out 2 new spaces in the past 2 weeks and both had their own appeal...

The Old Weapon Factory

Photos to come...They are stuck in Justin's iPhone and we can't find the be damned! 

This space was simultaneously overwhelming and amazing. The potential here is huge...hell the space is huge! It has 20 ft high ceilings and a giant bridge crane that runs the length of the space. There's an indoor loading dock and large shared space/common area. There is also a bar/lounge area (?) with a stage (??!) which was random and unexpected, yet kind of amazing. The light was nonexistent because the windows were bricked up, but nothing that couldn't be fixed if we choose this space.

Globe Dye Works

This space is beautiful and light filled, even on a gray day like today. And the wood floor was amazing. One issue, however, is that this space is on the 3rd floor of the building and although it has freight elevators and a large entryway, we're concerned that this would limit the size of things that people can make.


  1. We're just over a block or 2 from there, in a building owned by the same people. That is a really nice space.

  2. Really?! How do you like the area? I was wondering if people would come so far North to use the space...