Monday, September 19, 2011

Kickstarter Video

So let me start by saying that Justin and I have NO video making experience at all (and it shows, no?) so we decided that we could atleast have fun with it, which we did...the tons of takes (most of which were ruined by outbursts of laughter or Olivia smooshing her face up to the screen) were fun, we got to show a bit of what we do, Justin got to beatbox (yay!) and we wore funny hats at the end (though my cat ears were cut off in the video...just imagine them there as you watch it. Fortunately Justin's flower headband comes in clear as a bell...!) It shows who we are as people (funny, weird and a bit nerdish), and we got to show ourselves as a family too (and Olivia got to stick ear buds up her nose...clearly a win-win for all involved). We are already $175 closer to our goal thanks to Josh, Luke and Alx (thanks guys!!!) and hope to raise it all in the 30 days. We'll keep you posted! 'Til then, if you haven't seen the video yet, enjoy!

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