Monday, September 26, 2011

Kickstarter Update!

So far we have raised $915 on our Kickstarter page towards our goal of $8,000. We would like to give a huge thanks to the following people who have made pledges:

Alx Block, Luke B. Gerike, Josh, Tim Canny, Lisa Powley, Leslie Kaufman, Wendy Gordon, Rachel Zimmerman, Jamie Grant, Debra Homer, Miriam Marshall, Rebecca, Virginia Batson, Samantha Nguyen, Robert Kravitz, Reuben Wade, Linda Porch, Claude Schrader, Ryan Brunsvold, Brianna Roberts, Megan Wendell, Henry Blau, Ken Mickles, and Margaux Kent

Yay! We really appreciate your support! And if you know anyone who would be interested in supporting our project, please feel free to share the link! We have 23 days left!

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