Thursday, September 1, 2011

End of Summer Craziness

So it's September 1st (already?!) and we are a bit behind in our blogging due to an insane last minute studio move (tons of stuff in 3 days...I don't wish that on anyone!). We apologize for the lack of posts but promise to resume full blast next week. And that Kickstarter page that was supposed to launch today? Stay's coming (most likely on September 15 or thereabout) and we are super excited about it.
But again, please forgive us...we are just 2 real people, who have a baby and an insane amount of things that needed to be moved from point A to point B with a quickness. Photos of our spaces, both new and old, to come next week! In the meantime have an amazing holiday weekend, whether you are sculpting, relaxing, boozing, grilling, canoeing, beaching, chilling...whatever you're doing have fun and be safe!

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