Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

So we had great plans for Saturday involving the Berlin Farmer's Market...unfortunately they were a bust. Our first thought was to get a 20 x 40 tarp for when we go camping later this summer...(We had gotten a new one last year but a crazy 30 minute long thunderstorm destroyed it...or rather the storm dumped so much water on the tarp that it was causing the poles of the structure to buckle so Justin had to hack the bungees off the tarp, which ripped the tarp...It was really funny afterward but during it was terrifying...needless to say, we made it out alive!) But the guy who sells them was out of the one we wanted (silver coated on both sides and UV protected) and said to come back next week...

My reason for being there was to get a piece of Ebony from this guy who had tons of small chunks of it last year when we were there. Since we are having the sculpture tool making workshop this upcoming Saturday, I wanted to make mine out of Ebony... but the guy wasn't there and we came home empty handed.

We did check out some of the tools they had but need to inventory what we have/need before buying anything new.

Justin was a fan of this little pancake compressor as he's wanted a more portable one for a while but we restrained ourselves...

Where we did NOT restrain ourselves was on the backroads of Hammonton, NJ, where we stopped and bought 3 pints of the most amazing blueberries ever! (3 for $5!!!) We ate a pint before even getting to my parents and once Olivia was awake those blueberries didn't have a chance...All 3 pints were gone by the next morning (So we got 6 more pints on the way home!!).

I grew up in Tuckerton, NJ and my parents still live there so we went for a visit... It was great seeing O'Rae run around and play where I used to.

Daddy/daughter love...

The weather was beautiful and there were tons of boats and jet skis out, along with people fishing and crabbing. Olivia got to see 3 giant crabs which made her super happy and a little freaked out. We finished up the day with some Japanese food and swimming at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Sunday, after eating an awesome breakfast that my dad made, we headed back to reality (aka Philadelphia) to do some work on the house and some Philadelphia Sculpture Gym planning...Whew.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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