Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Whew...what a busy weekend!

First we did the Kimmel Center Summer Solstice event on Saturday...(Check back tomorrow for photos of our set up). A huge thanks to everyone who came out!!

Next up was the Wharton Esherick Museum as a Father's Day Surprise for Justin on Sunday...If you've never been, we HIGHLY suggest you check it out. The drive to Paoli is beautiful and its such an amazing space. Justin had never been so Olivia and I made it happen...

Any woodworkers should check out their woodworking competition here. This year's theme is clocks. All entries are due July 1st (yikes!) so if you're interested you better get on it asap! Good luck! (Anyone who enters, send us a photo of your piece....we'll post it on the blog!)

And then we came home and Justin tore out a landing and some steps in our living room (he didn't take any photos but there were ATLEAST 50 pieces of wood making up those stairs, with tons of tiny pieces stuck here and there. It was like ghetto rigging from both the early 1920s and the 1980s...2 layers of atrocity!) Needless to say we were dragging a bit this morning but it was all worth it...!

AFTER: Where the landing/stairs used to be and the hot mess we are left with...
Notice that some genius cut through half of 2 of the steps...
this was to make way for an air return at some point, yo back when...

Check back tomorrow to see who won the free 1 month membership from the Kimmel Center event and for a chance to win a a free 1 week membership!

images from here, here and here

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