Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tiniest Commission Ever

Justin and I were recently awarded a commission to do a relief that was approximately 3/4" high x 1 5/8" know we work well together when we can both work on something this small and not want to kill each other (for the record, we took turns sculpting...). Having beat out 7 other people who had applied for it, we were pretty excited to have been chosen. The client is an inventor (he invented the plastic push pin!) and had an idea for upscale suspenders. The relief is to be featured on the suspenders.

Told you they were tiny...

Because of a quick turnaround time, we made 4 quick samples in a little under a week, using Klean Klay for two of them and Le Beau Touche for the other two (Hence the color difference above.)

Rough Sketch 2 in Klean Klay (detail)

Our client chose the one he liked best and we started the final piece from there, this time using medium hardness Casteline (Thanks to Jed Morfit for giving us some of his Casteline stash!) Justin LOVED the Casteline and I liked it a hell of a lot better than the other 2 clays, as it held the detail beautifully (Which was especially nice since we were working on it during the week of that heat wave!!) Justin and I took turns working on the piece, critiquing each other along the way, and this is what we ended up with:

Finished model in Casteline (Surrounding piece is silver).

Unfinished sample cast in silver.
This will get a patina and the holes will get 14k Gold screws in them...Fancy!


  1. Beautiful! I want upscale suspenders!! Do they come in brass?

  2. Amazing - but I thought I knew the man who invented the pushpin. How many pushpin inventors are there?!

  3. Not to say other people do not know the man who invented the pushpin - I am just thinking that it has to be a different man.

  4. Those are awesome ! Great work , as you already know !!!

  5. Lol. Margaux, just shows how small the world really is (Philly in particular)... (To everyone else, we figured out it is indeed the same man who invented the plastic pushpin)