Monday, June 13, 2011

Sculpture, Sculpture Everywhere...and Last Chance for POST

Donald De Lue, Justice, 1940

This morning on the way back to the car from an appointment, we stopped to look at the Donald De Lue reliefs on the 9th Street Post Office building at 9th and Chestnut. I sometimes forget how much sculpture Philadelphia has hiding throughout the city... (741 sculptures, fountains, mosaics and memorials according to!) We'll periodically post some here and there as we see them when we're out and, know, because we like sculpture and all...

The couple who gives blood together, stays together...awwww....

Oh! And anyone who was thinking about signing up for POST this year, you have not missed your chance! The deadline has been extended until June 15th!!! Sign up, and even if you don't have a studio, they can help you find a space to show in! Justin and I will be participating this year so save the date! (October 15th-16th!)

We'll also be promoting POST and the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym at the Summer Solstice festival at the Kimmel Center this Saturday, June 18th! Come back tomorrow for more details!

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