Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friends of Philadelphia Sculpture Gym: The Resource Exchange

We met the fabulous folks from The Resource Exchange over some beers at Kraftwork a few weeks ago and wanted to let everyone know about them!

From their Facebook page:

The Resource Exchange is a nonprofit reuse center dedicated to promoting creative reuse, recycling, and resource conservation by diverting valuable materials from the waste stream and redirecting them to artists, builders, educators and the general public.

In our first year, using temporary storage space and the generous help of an all-volunteer staff, The Resource Exchange saved over 40 tons of scenery, props, art supplies, tools, and building materials for reuse in the community, and successfully facilitated the recycling of over 600 tons of additional material previously destined for our region’s landfills.

Our donors and customers often overlap, because we accept and resell a wide range of affordable materials reusable for building, creating, and learning. We hope to incentivize creative reuse throughout the community by selling all of our material at reduced cost, typically half the cost of new products.

• artists and craftspeople use our donated and salvaged material to create art, furniture, home decor, and other unique creative reuse items.

• film and theater companies utilize salvaged scenery and set decoration in new productions, and are offered more responsible set building and waste management options.

• builders, contractors, and architects who utilize green design and building strategies buy our low cost, reclaimed building materials.

• homeowners and renters alike look to us for innovative ways to incorporate salvaged materials into home projects.

• reusable resources and manufacturer surplus can easily be incorporated into art and environmental education programs in public schools and other nonprofit organizations, where funding for materials is often limited.

• environmentally conscious customers benefit from the opportunity to make purchasing decisions with not just cost, but conservation in mind.

Check them out on their Facebook page!

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