Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekends: Past and Upcoming

We had a great weekend and its taken until now (Wednesday) to have a second to recap...

On Friday, we started at PAFA's Annual Student Exhibition. It was a really good show with lots of amazing work. Unfortunately I didn't get many good photos (cell phone cameras are just real camera wanna-be's).

This piece by Brendan Keen was pretty great. According to the title, it was made from trash from the convention center... These photos do it no justice. It's beautiful.

Brendan Keen, Convention Center Trash

Brendan Keen, Convention Center Trash (detail)

Another bunch of good sculpture that I got atleast 1 photo of was by Blaise Goldman. He had a number of nice figures that were pretty interesting. After speaking with him I found out that he worked for a summer with Javier Marin, whose work I think is fabulous.

Blaise Goldman

O'Rae and Justin in the Sculpture Gallery

After the ASE, we headed over to Pterodactyl to check out To-Day is Another Day, Make Art (Art in the Great Recession), an exhibition curated by Steven Earl Weber. The exhibition included work by Leroy Johnson, Doug Herren, Abbey Gates, Daniel Petraitis, Steven Earl Weber, Roger Petersen, Jerry Kaba, Stephen Kent and Ira Upin. Stop by to check it out! And pencil in the closing reception, which is Saturday June 25th 8pm-12am.

Daniel Petraitis, Sphere, Cast Plaster, Plywood Pedestal, 2011

Steven Earl Weber, Sweat Equity, Ceramic, underglaze, glaze, 23K gold luster, wax, 2009

Stephen Kent, Monument to My Failures, Earthenware

The rest of the weekend was filled with looking at buildings for the future sculpture gym (more on that soon), the Art Star Craft Bazaar (which was great despite a bit of rain), and our sculptor potluck that happened on Sunday. The potluck was great and a big thanks to everyone who came... aside from the good things that showed up to eat and drink, my favorite moment was when we were all sitting around, troubleshooting technical issues in sculpture... Justin and I both felt that it was exactly why we wanted to get people share ideas and offer insights and suggestions to one another. Sculpture is hard enough already, so its nice to have some people around to help out from time to time! We plan to do another potluck in the fall which I'm already looking forward to. I'll be sure to post the details here.

Next generation sculptors Olivia and Rowe chilling at the Sculptor Potluck

And upcoming THIS weekend, on Saturday May 21st, is the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival, which Justin and I are extremely busy getting ready for...! I'll post a full list of all our planned excitement tomorrow...!

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